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Offbeat Home and life blogs “Part timing”

Offbeat Home and life blogs “Part timing”

More and more I am seeing examples of people making things work outside of what was once considered the “norm”. Many people I know who slog through various part time jobs actually do so not out of choice, but because there are fewer and fewer full time employment opportunities for them. The millenial generation is graduating, looking for work and finding the employment pool more like a puddle, and sometimes one with cigarette butts. While this is frustrating, demeaning and all around crap- my hope outside of the regular whining is that there will be a silver lining. Perhaps people forced into working situations different from what they had originally pictured will be happier?

This blog post on Offbeat Home speaks to that- and the comments section suggests that there is a growing number of people happy with being “Odd Job Sallies”.

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