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Can you make a dirty picture?

take a dirty picture

Sometimes you see an odd job that is terrible, sometimes you see one and think “That could be a super sweet job for someone”. This job is the second of those two.

With e-books often criticized for killing the literary industry, not all genres have suffered the same way. Romance, especially specific genre romance/erotica have taken off (a la 50 Shades of Grey). While you may turn your nose at this kind of reading material- you can’t turn your nose up at its odd jobbiness. People are coming home from their dreary day jobs- or foregoing them all together- to spend the night making sweet sweet love or having raunchy group sex with a pack of werewolves. Take said sexy times, publish an e-book and you have an very interesting revenue source. Some people, like Amanda Hocking, have done very well for themselves as dedicated niche genre writers. These e-book writers have created a whole new demand for different types of jobs.

But I get sidetracked. The interesting odd job I have found is a spin off of this interesting industry- the hand that sells the story: (link here)

“Cover Designers

Our covers are primarily photo-based, so skills in retouching and compositing are preferred. We are not currently looking for cover artists who work in 3d applications, nor are we looking for illustrators. Send email of inquiry to Syneca@ellorascave.com.

Please include your experience and a link to your online portfolio. We do not accept attachments. ¬†Responses to inquiries take from 24-72 hours.”

So do you have photo editing savvy? Well let these people know and you could be making covers like these in no time.

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